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Medical Marijuana Certification.

Moore Medicine is a medical marijuana certification office located in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Our team of Pennsylvania State approved health care providers are here to evaluate your condition and help you determine if medical cannabis is the right treatment for you.

In our medical office we will walk you through all the steps of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Certification Process including your Qualyfying Conditions, risks and benefits of medical cannabis. We will answer all your questions.

Call or text the number below to schedule an appointment.

Pennsylvania Tel/Text 267-586-1000

$ 199

New Patients

$ 199

Renewals (New Patients to us)

$ 199

Renewals / SSI / Vets

How to get a Medical Marijuana card in Pennsylvania?

We do not write the script for the Medical Marijuana
We submit your certification to the Pennsylvania Commonwealth.
Click here for steps.